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At Chipperfield Choral Society we really enjoy singing and making music together and we would like to help pass this love of music on to future generations. We have set up a fund called the Liz Holliday Young Singers Scheme in memory of our late Chairman, to provide financial support for anyone aged 16 to 25 who is studying singing and hopes to become a professional musician.

Recipients are asked to join the Society (no membership fee applies), as this will give them experience of singing with a leading local choir of around 100 people to help develop their broader musical awareness. They can then apply for financial help, for instance with extra singing lessons, courses or workshops, study support, buying music or even concert dress. 

If you would like to apply for assistance from this Scheme, please get in touch with our Secretary who can be reached via the Contact Us page.


Two young singers have benefitted from the Scheme so far - Rosemary Clifford and Tom Isherwood, both of whom have gone on to pursue distinguished singing careers.